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The work world is in a significant generational transition as Baby Boomers retire, Generation X moves into positions of greater leadership, and Millennials become the largest generation in the labor force. As they lose senior-level professionals, organizations report talent shortages. Meanwhile, our world is more interconnected and rapidly changing than ever. It's become popular to use the military acronym VUCA, meaning volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Leaders need allies in navigating this territory.

Axon helps address the talent gap and ignites potential for next-generation leadership through developmental education. We draw on cutting-edge theory and research from four areas: adult developmental psychology, mindfulness, generational issues, and adaptive leadership.


For Organizations

Executive Coaching

Would you like to bring your best self more fully forward, in and outside of the work environment? Our programs are thoroughly customized, with practices, self-observations and reading chosen just for you, to help you develop the skills and qualities that will take you toward your goals.

  • 6-12 month engagement
  • Two full coaching sessions each month, bi-weekly check-ins and unlimited email 
  • Initial holistic data-gathering process including interviews with you, your peers and reports
  • Write-up at completion to support ongoing development

Training Programs

Axon Leadership brings fresh, upbeat training experiences to your workforce. We collaborate to identify educational topics and refine content for the unique culture of your organization. Potential topics include: 

  • The Power of Mindfulness at Work

  • Discovering the Hidden Dimension of Change
  • The Millennial Mistake, the Millennial Potential

  • Real Change: The thrilling science of neuroplasticity and how we can use it
  • Stepping into Leadership: The role of adult developmental psychology in claiming our potential

Professional coaching

Leadership development opportunities at multiple levels of the organization can pay off in the long-term, helping to retain, engage and grow existing talent. Professional coaching engagements include many elements of executive coaching while closely involving supervisors and other stakeholders for maximum support and success.

Research & Consulting

People make your company tick. Do you know what they're thinking? How they're feeling? Axon Leadership can help you gather, analyze and act on real data from your organization. Following an action research methodology, we help you understand what the information means. Then we help you make it meaningful.

Together, We Invest in Corporate Social Responsibility

Axon Leadership is committed to making the world a better place for all. That's why we partner with your organization to donate back to the community, to a mutually agreed-upon non-profit or charity. It's good for your company, for employee retention and engagement levels, and for our world.


For Individuals

Personal development coaching

Are you running up against challenges in your leadership, and looking for a trusted ally? Are you successful, but not as happy as you thought you'd be? Do you sense that something more is possible for you – but you can't quite describe what that is? Axon Leadership works with individuals who are ready to invest in themselves, and take their leadership effectiveness and personal fulfillment to the next level.

  • 6-12 month engagement
  • Two full coaching sessions each month, bi-weekly check-ins and unlimited email contact
  • Fully customized development program for you and your coaching topic