In Christina, I found a person who truly cares for the individuals she’s supporting by offering them a safe audience and great empathy. She gently leads you to discover your own solutions through simple practices. Her humility and accessibility to clients also sets her apart. I’m privileged to have known and learnt from Christina, cherishing every bit of our contact.
— A, Director, Saudi Arabia
I highly recommend Christina as a coach. Her caring, warm and radiant personality immediately put me at ease. I felt comfortable sharing very personal information which was at the heart of where I wanted to go professionally. I had had a career but now wanted something more meaningful in my next life phase. She helped me see I had something special to offer. Her efforts increased my confidence and ability to work toward my goals.
— L, Rochester, NY, USA

Christina was a wonderful coach for me. She had no trouble comprehending the complexity of my situation and goals, and would often respond with disarming simplicity. Her gentle and straightforward way of expressing her caring was very calming. She was consistently creative in her approach to the coaching program, and welcomed adjusting it as we went along in the spirit of an ongoing experiment. Amazingly, I accomplished all the goals I set forth in my initial session. Many thanks, Christina!
— R, musician/computer programmer, Arlington, MA, USA

I knew Christina during a uniquely difficult point of my life and career. Before we started working together I was skeptical about the value of coaching and the notion that anyone would be able to help me with what I was going through... I’m happy to say that my experience did not prove out my concern. Christina’s approach really does embody compassion in that she is a warm and inviting person who puts you at ease while challenging you to confront your realities in a way that doesn’t feel challenging. Our work together pointed to some core life challenges that needed addressing. So we developed some practices that I continue to work with and I’m a happier person for it.
— JM, Software Design, Cambridge, MA, USA

Christina has a practiced ability to show people to themselves. I was experiencing severe change-of-life anxiety and an identity crisis. Christina took me out of my comfort zone without making me feel embarrassed, inadequate, or defective... I no longer talk to Christina about my development, but my plan is embedded in my everyday life and continues to help me grow and understand myself.
— M, student, Cambridge, MA, USA

Being a client of Christina’s was a profound experience. I was looking for quick and probably superficial changes in my life. Instead, I found someone who showed me my habitual patterns of thinking and behaving, listened deeply to my needs and offered a more profound understanding of myself and how I might grow, respecting this self.
— A, Brookline, MA, USA

I now have hope, because I have accomplished something I set out to do... My learning and guidance from you has been this lovely gift given freely to me with no strings attached...I will treasure your gift for some time to come.
— S, artist/architect, Bangor, ME, USA