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Discovering the Hidden Dimension of Change - Online

If you're having trouble pursuing an important goal, don't be discouraged. This simply means you've taken on a truly gritty challenge, one that may be more complex than you think. The Immunity-to-Change™ approach was developed by Harvard psychologists to help us understand why we get stuck, and why willpower and "pushing through" just doesn't work when it comes to complex change. This workshop is fun and highly experiential. You will:

  • Learn the core concepts of the Immunity to Change approach and complete the entire exercise for yourself.
  • Focus on a change goal that is important to you (i.e. listening better, delegating, being more assertive, taking better care of your health, etc.)
  • Walk away with a new understanding of how you go off track as well as an action plan to move you forward.

Why do even our sincerest intentions and New Year's Resolutions to clean up our acts have so little power? We have suggested an answer: that there may be bigger forces at work...and if we don't get these forces onto the table they continue to run the show.

-Robert Kegan & Lisa Lahey

What Participants are Saying:

"I came upon the BIG reason I don't get anywhere on my goal."

"I have more compassion for myself for getting 'stuck'...and, I learned some beginning ways to start experimenting with change."

"The attuned experiments I developed using the Immunity to Change tool have already been useful to me."

"This is a wonderfully productive workshop. The collaborative efforts give you great perspective and you learn skills you can continue to use beyond the workshop and in life."

"Christina offers a unique blend of warmth, energy, and compassion, mixed with the clear, precise tools and expertise necessary for helping participants create lasting change in their lives."


Here's a video from Bob Kegan & Lisa Lahey, originators of the Immunity to Change approach. They have trained Christina to facilitate the process with individuals and groups:

Cost: This event is offered for $100. 

To Inquire or Enroll, Please Complete the Form Below:

Please note: in order to participate you will need a computer with Internet connection and a camera. You will be among a small group of participants, and you will work several times with the same partner. The workshop is highly interactive, so you'll want to be available and engaged - as if you were attending in-person. 

If you have questions about the workshop, feel free to email, or sign up to chat with Christina using the Scheduler.

This workshop can also be offered in-person. If you or your organization is interested, please get in touch.

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