ax • on: from Greek axōn, ‘axis’

An axon is part of a brain cell. It is like a long wire, transmitting electricity and connecting one part of the brain to another. The explosive electrical signal that travels down an axon is called an "action potential". The action potential occurs after a period of disequilibrium.

The "axon" in Axon Coaching is a metaphor for the electric potential of change. Especially during periods of disequilibrium or uncertainty, we can harness and optimize this potential. "Axon" also represents our commitment to practical rigor and scientific knowledge, particularly in neuroscience and psychology. 

Like anything, in order for a coaching experience to be of any benefit, you have to engage it fully...The experience is as good as what you put into it. Christina understands this and is able to facilitate the process of opening up and act as a mirror so that you can see aspects of yourself from without as well as from within...and that’s just the beginning.
— R., finance professional, Boston, MA, USA

The Flow of an Integral Coaching Program

  • Step 1: Initial Interview

We discuss the issue you would like to work on, and I gather information about you and the topic at hand. The initial meeting is complimentary. Fill out the Contact Form to start the process.

  • Step 2: Proposal of Purpose and Outcomes

I draft a document that states the Purpose and Outcomes of our work together. If my proposal makes sense to you, I design your development plan. Otherwise, we revise the proposal, or you may decline coaching.

  • Step 3: Delivery of Development Plan

During our first coaching conversation, I offer an assessment, and a new way of seeing your situation. I present a development plan designed specifically for you and the topic of focus.

  • Step 4: Ongoing support as you engage with your plan

Change happens over time, and there can be both excitement and frustration along the way. We continue to inquire into your situation, and I offer assessments, distinctions, and recommendations where appropriate.

  • Step 5: Completion

We review the progress you have made, with a focus on your new competencies. We discuss how you will continue to develop, handle anticipated challenges, and sustain your network of support.

Introductory Coaching Sessions

Meet your potential coach, ask questions, and refine your coaching topic during a free 30-minute introductory conversation. Use the scheduler to book your session.