About Christina Congleton

Photo Credit: Chris Haynes

Christina Congleton, Ed.M., is a leadership and human development specialist. She coaches individuals and consults to organizations interested in "next generation" leadership capacities such as mindfulness, emotional agility, deliberate development, and adaptive leadership.

Christina's work has appeared in Fast Company and the Harvard Business Review, and her co-authored article "Emotional Agility" has been reprinted in Harvard Business Review's "10 Must-Reads on Emotional Intelligence" and "Teams at Work: Emotional Intelligence". She co-authored multiple chapters in Beyond Goals: Effective Strategies for Coaching and Mentoring, including "The Goals Behind the Goals" with professor Bob Kegan.

Christina has a background in neuroscience and psychology, and was on the team of scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School that published initial research showing that meditation can change the brain in eight weeks.

She holds a master's degree in human development & psychology from Harvard University, where she studied with renowned leadership scholars including Bob Kegan (Immunity to Change), Ron Heifetz (Adaptive Leadership), and Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences, Good Work). Christina is a certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West since 2007, and a licensed Immunity to Change facilitator. She is also a long-term student of the Diamond Approach. 

Christina's passion is holding space and providing challenge for others to grow and transform. She lives outside Denver with her husband.